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ng the UK out of the European Union o▓ne way or the other and then we can have another ▓leadership election and pick a new leader,"

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he told Sky.In a television interview on Sunday, May's de ▓facto deputy prime minister, the Cabinet Minister▓ David Lidington said

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he did not think talks between the government and the Labour party, looking for a ▓consensus Brexit deal, could be allowed to drag

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o try and ▓find common ground.Labour is pushing for a deal that keeps Britain allied to the EU's customs union and single market, but the current deal agreed by May would see Britain leaving both.L▓ast week the European Coun

cil extended Britain's membership of the bloc until

Oct. 31 to g▓ive more time for the British parliament to agree on a withdrawal deal.Please scan the Q▓R Code to follow u

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